A standard attic conversion is around €16000

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How much does an attic conversion cost?

The standard cost of a three-bedroom house is €16000. Because every property and attic space is different, an exact cost can only be determined by conducting a survey and discussing the requirements. See below the list of items typically included in an attic conversion.

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What is included


  • Structural steel (RSJ)
  • Top hung Velux window (fire escape)
  • Floor joist 7″X2″ timber fully suspended off steel (RSJ)
  • Fully floored with OSB flooring boards
  • Storage fully floored with two access doors
  • Water tank moved in storage with access door
  • Stud walls 4″x 2″ fully suspended from steel 
  • Staircase fitted 30″ wide to meet the regulation with handrail
  • Stud wall at top of stairs with fire door
  • Fully insulated
  • 800ml double radiator
  • Electrics- 4 double sockets, 5 led spotlights, 2 way switching and smoke head, all wired directly back to fuse board on its own circuit
  • Ceiling area cross battened and collar ties fitted
  • 1/2 plasterboard fitted on ceiling and walls
  • Skim coat finish on all walls and ceiling
  • Attic left ready for painting
  • All rubbish removed from the site
  • Final clean up upon completion of work